Yes, we know.  You can rent a FUN RENTALS scooter or car and zip around Waiheke all you want!  But if you can find the inner strength to part from your wonderful car or scooter (don’t cry, it’s just for a little while!) … and find your outer strength … you can zip down over some of the most pristine bush on Waiheke!

EcoZip Adventures has rigged three state-of-the-art flying fox zip lines that take each “zipper” (that would be you!) right over the forest!  Each zip ride goes a little faster than the one before and holding your knees up makes you fly even faster.  Zippers are kitted out, receive instructions, then “fly” down in pairs.  Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?  You can read all about Waiheke’s newest attraction at the EcoZip website:

Reserve your zippy scooter or car from FUN RENTALS and get on over here to Waiheke!

Book on-line or call (09)372-8001